SSL 123


Your choice of digital certificate depends mainly on whether you require your company details added to the certificate contents. If not, then SSL123 is an ideal choice of product as it provides the added benefit of quick issuance

Web Server Certificate


The thawte SSL Web Server Certificate offers comprehensive authentication procedures (domain name and identity verification). It also offers 256, 128, 56 or 40-bit encryption depending on your client's browser capability and the cipher suite installed on your web server. This ensures that information is kept private while in transit between your web server and your client's web browsers


SGC SuperCert


You need an SGC SuperCert instead of our Web Server Certificate, if any of the following are true for your business You have an International (non-US) audience/customer-base, or/and You need to provide the highest possible encryption for each and every visitor to your website, or/and You conduct medium to high-value e-commerce transactions via your web interface

Wildcard Server Certificate


If you wish to secure your domain name on multiple servers through the use of any of the above Digital Certificates you need to purchase Additional License(s) for your Digital Certificate. The Wildcard Server Certificate does not secure the root domain name. For example, a Wildcard Server Certificate for * will secure all sub-domains on, but not The Certificate issuance speed depends upon a lot of factors like the Admin or Technical Contact may not have completed thawte`s verification yet. This could lead to the overall delay in the Certificate issuance.

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